Volunteers are asked to donate their time. Duties may include sorting and hanging clothes, operating a cash register, cleaning and straightening shelves. Fund raising events will also be coordinated to help purchase food for the Caritas Food Pantry. Our whole congregation can respond together to the problem of hunger and poverty in our local community by giving clothing and nonperishable food items to this organization or any of the other local organizations. Contact Person: Carol Ann Dawley

Travel with folks from across the Central Texas Conference to Northern New Mexico to serve God and God’s people at the McCurdy School, a United Methodist-related institution. The work varies from cleaning to building maintenance and repair. Contact Person: Carol Ann Dawley

The Packs of Kindness program is a community-wide project to provide meals for 2 days for underprivileged children in the school system. Donations of food items and funds are collected and then divided into plastic bags and distributed on Friday to be sent home in the back packs of the children for the week-end. There are 20 children receiving meals at the elementary school and 20 children at the Head Start facility. Contact Person: Sherry Miller